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Williamsburg has a lot of “obvious” things to offer visitors and locals. But what really makes a city special are the not so obvious, out of the way, little known places to hang out. As time progresses, our “insights” category, and forum threads will be loaded with 1,000′s of posts that reveal these little nuggets.

To get things started, here’s 5 things your tour guide might not tell you about Williamsburg that you should check out.

1.) Parkway Beaches – Williamsburg sits positioned right between the James and York Rivers.  Hop on the parkway headed in either direction, and you’ll find beautiful sand beaches to relax on with scenes that’ll make you melt!

2.) Fantastic Fishing – Williamsburg is known for a lot of things, but few tourists know how great the fishing is around here. Blue Catfish over 100lbs in the James, Large Mouth Bass in abundance in the rivers & lakes, Croaker and Spot on the York, …If there’s a fish you want to catch, you’re likely a 10 minute drive away from finding it.

3.) Killer “Non Franchise” Restaurants – When it comes to eating out, we have it made in Williamsburg. But the really good food isn’t at all the popular chain restaurants. It’s at the one of a kind places. Just check out the ever growing category we have on this topic for some great insights, but since you’re here, we’ll throw out one of our favorites: Nawab! (The best Indian food you’ll eat).

4.) New Quarter Park – This is one of the best kept secrets in town. Challenging mountain biking courses, hiking trails, unforgettable views of the York River, 18 hole Frisbee Golf course, basketball, baseball, BYOK weekends (bring your own kayak), all kinds of wildlife, playground, large shelters, and a huge fire pit overlooking Queen’s Creek… The best part is, anytime you go you’ll likely have whatever you want to do to yourself. Williamsburg has a lot of great parks, but this one is a 10 minute drive outside of Colonial Williamsburg, and hardly gets talked about. Check it out!

5.) Bush Neck Farms – Pick your own apples, peaches, blueberries, and more on this unique farm that sits atop the James River just outside of town off Jolly Pond road. Call before you go to see what they have in season, but definitely take a morning to walk the grounds and pick some fruit. Hang a basket around your waist, fill it up and pay by the pound!

These are by no means the “top 5″, but it’s a good list to get our conversation stared here.

Got an insight to offer? Post it in the comments, or share it in the forums! We need to hear from YOU. That’s what makes what it is. Sound off in the comments below. Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Off The Beaten Path”

  1. potterygrrl
    at #

    Thanks for the local insight. It would be helpful it you could add links to your article (ie. Map and website links to New Quarter Park and Bush Neck Farms and some names/links to the beaches you refer to in the first section). 

    • Brian Owens
      at #

       That’s a good idea! Thanks for the feedback potterygrrl. I’ll make those changes today. Do you live in Williamsburg? If so, what’s your favorite thing in the area?

  2. Lenashburn
    at #

    It’s not off the beaten path (on Dog St. & Confusion Corner) but it’s hard to beat The Cheese Shop for a Smithfield Ham Sandwich (Virginia Ham or Smithfield Brand ham is not Smithfield ham, go there and taste the difference.

  3. We just moved here, and I agree with potterygrrl.  We love the outdoors so any insight on those locations would be great!  Thanks!  Will definately be looking for these spots.

    • Brian Owens
      at #

      That’s great you just moved here Tina! Welcome. 

      I’m behind on making those additions. Will see if I can get to it soon. What do you like the best about Williamsburg so far?

  4. Roman
    at #

    There truly are dozens of wonderful one of a kind restaurants in Williamsburg Va. I love Pierces Pitt BBQ.

    I also agree with Lenashburn. There are some great places to eat on DOG st. The Cheese Shop is great!  

  5. Shirley Kappa1
    at #

    While exploring Williamsburg when I first arrived, we came to the Jamestown Ferry.  Feeling adventurous, we drove on…happy to be out on the water and to learn that there is no charge.  A friend told us to follow the signs to Smithfield…and we love that little town.  When you have visitors and want something a little different than Colonial Williamsburg…hop on the boat!  It takes 20 minutes to cross and the shops, galleries and restaurants in Smithfield are delightful!

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